Why Maintaining Brand Identity is Crucial in Digital Marketing

Jappe Pollentier, Founding COO

25 Septemeber 2019

These days, marketing channels are changing faster than a speeding bullet. New companies are emerging while some are falling off the radar as quickly as they sprung up. It’s quite difficult to keep up! That is why, in this crazy age of digital marketing, maintaining a brand identity is crucial for success. It’s what makes your brand recognizable and solidifies its presence.

Being Consistent

If you’ve noticed recent marketing trends, even big digital brands have undergone a lot of changes when it comes to their brand identities. Uber, for instance, changed its logo multiple times. At first, it was a stylized “U,” and it was effective for a time. After all, “U” stands for Uber and people got that. But now it’s turned into an unrecognizable thing, like a backward “C” that nobody really knew what it meant. Considering that Lyft, its biggest counterpart, has retained its distinctive pink logo says a lot. Did the change affect Uber’s performance in the digital market?

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Some of the most stable companies have the most recognizable logos. Even newer ones are adapting consistency among all their channels. Think Amazon’s distinct A to Z logo, or Google’s colors. The fonts, images, layout—all these details contribute to a brand’s identity. Be it a social media promotion, an email, or an Instagram post, your brand identity should be consistent across all platforms.

Minding the Details

Sometimes, the inevitable happens that leads to adverse outcomes. It’s a bot we set up incorrectly, applications configured wrong or a message taken in a bad light. That is why it is essential to understand your brand’s audience. Knowing how your content will be consumed affects the way you send out your message. In the same way, it will help designers know how to create a look that best speaks to your audience. Paying attention to how your brand is perceived will give you guidelines for making your brand identity.

Keeping it Simple

Designers now are tasked to enhance brand identity at a neck-breaking pace. They may be asked to come up with something out of the box in the name of being creative. But sometimes, and especially for brand identities, being too Avant-garde just for the sake of it has its downsides.

Think about the biggest brands and note how they maintain only a few colors and keep their designs simple. Most memorable brands have one to two colors and reliable, recognizable design. They are simple, concise, and effective. Coca Cola has always been red and white with touches of black—just like its iconic bottle. Starbucks, while they’ve gone through logo changes, has always featured the twin-tailed mermaid.

Keeping it basic also allows you to get creative and add tweaks along the way. Take, for example, Google’s way of marking occasions by adding fun twists to their logo. This elicits a happy response from the audience and a brilliant marketing strategy.

Brand identity is the face of your company. Maintain, strengthen, and nurture it for better audience retention that will lead to more engagement and sales.

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