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 The Most Common Instagram

Mistakes Marketers Must Avoid 

Maddy Karandikar, Project Manager

22 October 2020

Instagram marketing is increasing in popularity. We want to look at the top mistakes to avoid if you want good engagement and solid leads.

Fake Followers

If you are starting out on Instagram, you may be tempted to buy followers. While it will boost your stats short term, it can hurt you in the long run. Bot accounts leave comments that make it obvious they are not real users. When customers realize you have fake followers, they will be less likely to trust your brand. Keep in mind, followers that you buy will not provide the engagement you need. These made up customers will not visit your website and purchase goods or services. If you are not looking for higher conversions, why are you marketing on Instagram? It is better to build up your business the right way with real users that will buy from you.

Low-Quality Media

Marketing mistakes can include posting in a hurry. If you are using low-resolution images and videos, it can hurt engagement. Customers won’t take your product or service seriously if you are using grainy images. It gives your brand a poor aesthetic that can be avoided. Instead, purchase stock images or videos that will all be high-resolution. You won’t need expensive gear, and the purchase can be a write-off.

Low Engagement

If you expect customers to purchase from you, make sure you are engaging with people! You can’t use social media in a selfish fashion. If you gain a follower, follow them in return. When you notice a user likes many of your posts, you can return the favor.

Followers that post questions or want to talk are already interested. This is a great time to make a sale! Follow up and answer any questions they might have about products and keep the conversation cheerful. Salespeople never ignore a customer in a physical store that needs help. Your social media accounts should be similar. Engage with people that like your brand.

Poor Content Choices

Marketing mistakes can include boring and old content. If you want to increase sales, make sure you are posting content that people will share. These should not be controversial posts that people will share for the wrong reasons. Find things in your industry that are humorous that users will want to share with their peers and family. Post interesting articles that provide new information. Instagram marketing will become a lot easier if you avoid these mistakes. Engage with users, post interesting content and use high-quality media to increase conversions in the end.


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