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💻 What is Social Selling on LinkedIn and Why Should I do it?

Madison Crane, Senior Content Manager

09 September 2021

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is among the most effective platforms to identify contacts and companies to connect with for different opportunities. It has become a great marketing tool for salespeople through social selling.

Social selling in LinkedIn is about using your social network to get the correct prospects, build worthy relationships and, in the end, reach your sales goals. This sales technique is effective, and as discussed below, here is why you need to use it.

Increase The Visibility of Brand

As more employees share content and update their profiles, their networks engage with the content shared leasing to brand visibility.

Improved Sales Lead Generation

As brand visibility increases, leads do so as well. If you have a group of social sellers equipped with information, they will likely educate their social connection. Considering that LinkedIn is a business platform, most people are interested in this kind of information

Enhances Web Traffic

As brand visibility increases and people share your content, more people will likely search or click on the company’s name for more information. That means that LinkedIn can be a great marketing tool if used appropriately.

Some strategies You Can Use in LinkedIn Social Selling


Make your profile stand out

In marketing, you are targeting prospective buyers. If people manage to click on your profile, then ensure they will find something attractive. For instance, use a catchy and straightforward headline. In your summary, let it be short and descriptive, that is, using few words to say much. Also, use a professional profile picture allowing potential buyers to put a face on a profile.

Join Groups Serving Your Target Audience

Linkein groups allow you to expand your network and reach more people. Even if you lack mutual connections, people in the group can still connect with you. Within groups, you can utilize search functionality and filter members depending on location, industry, job title etc.

Facilitate Substantial Conversations

After connecting with potential customers, initiate conversation and keep it flowing. You do not have to jump into trying to sell them something right away. However, a marketing tip that can work your way is by engaging with their posts and sharing content you feel may be of interest to them.

Take the Conversation Offline

After building some rapport, once you start feeling a prospective is ready to have a serious conversation on sales, you can take the conversation offline. Have a phone call or set up a meeting and discuss how you can be of help to them.

Most salespeople are active on LinkedIn. This is because when used well, it is a great marketing tool. It allows people to connect, learn and find solutions to various problems. Therefore, even as you make use of other social networks for marketing, consider LinkedIn as well.

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