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 🎥 Why are Videos Important for My Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Omar Hamada, Content Manager

14 October 2021

Videos in Social Media Marketing
In social media, the accent in marketing strategy is developing relationships. Convenience also plays a role in successful social media and video marketing.

In years past, the window of time to grab public attention was ten seconds. Video marketing beats that record in split-second advertising. Not to mention that customers have the convenience of choosing the best times to view videos on social media. They can scroll through videos at their leisure on social media which is usually when most individuals are most relaxed and more receptive to making purchases.

Timing and convenience are only two reasons videos are important for your social media marketing strategy. Tactically it is far more advantageous to build individual C2B relationships via video than the traditional walk in or door to door customer approach.

Sponsors on Social Media
Savvy businesses look to the top social media sites to become advertising sponsors. In this way, video marketing has access to a captive audience.

Don’t forget that very frequently those who post to groups on major media sites often discuss ads they are viewing which helps product and business branding. That’s a cost-effective way to maintain advertising budgets.

Cost-Effective Video Marketing
Video marketing offers the best opportunity for brand exposure while at the same time maintaining cost-effective marketing.

When you consider that a formal TV or Internet commercial can cost thousands of dollars, it’s easy to see the cost savings with videos on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram that cost pennies by comparison.

Consider the Retargeting Factor
Several of these media sites have the ability to retarget viewers of your videos. Note that this is based on the amount of viewing time for each video and also on some sites, through the use of cookies that help recall each time a video is viewed by individual viewers. In most cases, the media site’s ad management platform modifies and refines the retargeted videos viewed.

Imagine the cost savings of videos that can be viewed sequentially. For example, an initial video previously watched can be followed up with a second or third video. In this way, viewers can be targeted with a more direct response type of advertising.

Developing Video Marketing Relationships
When viewing marketing videos, viewers cab be ingratiated into a customer pool simply by assessing the most viewed videos. For business owners, this is a time-saving way to develop solid video marketing relationships.

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