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Top Questions that Can Help Small Businesses Narrow Down Their Target Customers

Lauren Barbaran, Content Manager

10 May 2022

Improving customer engagement is the key to success in today’s digital economy. The flip side is that if your customer service falls short, your business will suffer. A third of customers say that poor customer service is the biggest reason they don’t recommend your company to others.

If your business does not have enough customers, you might be aiming too low. To boost your company, you need to know your target audience. You can’t just assume that the people around you are potential customers.


Some Top Questions to help you narrow down your target audience include:


Who Are My Present Consumers?

To get a complete picture of your present customers, you need to know who they are, what products they’re interested in, and how often they purchase. You can get these pieces of information by conducting customer research.


Who Is Not an Ideal Fit For My Business?

When it gets to choosing a business to target with your marketing efforts, you need to take some time to think about who you’re not targeting. If you’re unsure whether your target audience is people who work full-time or part-time, you should focus on your target audience as people who want a full-time job.


Where Does My Intended Audience Spend Time?

When you’re targeting a specific audience, it can be helpful to think about where they spend their time. This will help you narrow down the time window you want to advertise to your target audience.


What Problems Can My Business Solve?

Your product or service must address a problem for your customers; otherwise, you’re doing them a disservice by focusing only on their needs. You need to carefully consider the benefits of your product or service and the barriers your customers may have to overcome.


Who are the Potential Customers of the Product/Service?

One of the ways how to narrow down your target audience is by identifying who your ideal customers are.

Understanding this can help you determine what problems your product can solve and to who you should sell.


Where Do My Customers Spend Time?

This is an ideal way to figure out where they hang out. You can also use similar tools to analyze social media posts, emails, and search results to get a more in-depth look at their typical behavior.


What Makes Your Product or Service Unique?

Make sure that your unique selling points push the right buttons for your target audience. If you’re selling nutritional supplements, make sure that you’re highlighting the benefits of your product instead of the science behind the ingredients.


What are the Sources of Information for Your Customers?

This will help you determine how easy it is for your target audience to learn more about your company and products. What are the main ways they consume information about your products, competitors, and industry news?


How Can You Reach Your Target Audience?

Your target audience will tell you how they prefer to be reached.

You need to understand their preferred communication method to help in narrowing down your target audience.


What Sector of Customers Should Be Most Impactful?

It’s always better to spend your advertising in a few areas rather than spread your money among sites that may not be as important to your product or service. It would be best to focus on the customers who are more impactful to the business within a short time frame.


Your initial customer research will help you refine your target audience and decide who you want to reach with your marketing efforts. It will also assist you in avoiding wasting your marketing budget on a segment of people who are not likely to buy from you. There are no better means to put your customer research to work than creating targeted content.

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