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📱 How to Advertise on Social Media in 2022

Lauren Barbaran, Content Manager

08 July 2022

Social media advertising is a service for the users of these platforms. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest use the information of users based on their interactions and interests on the platforms. This way, when the target market sees a match with the interest of the users on social media, advertising on these networks can get more conversions than the traditional ad methods. Let’s know more about the latest ad trends on social media in 2022.


TikTok is rising to its peak:

TikTok has more than one billion monthly users, and with this popularity, business on this platform has increased mostly in the pandemic era. Users of TikTok started to do ad campaigns, and from small businesses to entrepreneurs began their journey with this platform. Recently, TikTok has started with add-ons that include mostly stickers, pop-ups, and other engaging things to reach more target customers for companies and interact with the users. The best thing new TikTok ad users can do is to focus on the organic content, which may stick with the users.


Instagram Shop advertisements:

You must have seen the shop ads on your Instagram profiles. These are based on the things you have liked on the platform or showed interest in. More and more small companies opened and they started with the ads on Instagram. To make more attractive advertisements, you can use well-lit features, images, and creative short videos, and build something unique that will catch the eyes of your target audience.


Video ads on Pinterest:

Pinterest has some highly engaged audiences, and it has increased in recent years. The advertisement option on this social media platform is for the people who are looking for inspiration and to purchase the things they like. Keeping this in mind, companies are giving Pinterest more importance. This social media platform is recently offering five types of ad formats, collections, carousel, shopping, video, and static.

Videos are already a proven method of attracting customers, and the world of digital marketing is reaping more benefits using video ads. Pinterest isn’t lagging in this trend. So, ad agencies and companies are reaping more benefits from the ad content on Pinterest. You can also copy the same strategy and post your business ads through videos, and make sure to create interesting and engaging content.


LinkedIn advertisements:

You already know that LinkedIn is the social media platform for business and the job industries. If you are an employer or a job seeker you must have a presence on this platform. However, you can find more scopes of advertising through LinkedIn, and it has to be using content.

LinkedIn also provides sponsored messaging features, and dynamic and text ads, with lead generation forms. But when you opt for sponsored ads, you can add a carousel, video, and image to the advertisement. When you select LinkedIn sponsored ads as your target, the content will appear on the user’s feed. From here you can get customers and potential leads.



In 2022 you will get various ways to build your presence on the online market, and the best method to do it is through social media. Read this article to know more about recent ad trends.


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