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10 Awesome Social Media Tools for Solopreneurs 🛠️

Omar Hamada, Content Manager

16 August 2022

A recent survey has ranked social media marketing among the most used and effective marketing solutions. Sadly, managing multiple social media marketing campaigns and programs is not easy. Solopreneurs find it extra-demanding and almost impossible. That’s one reason you should use social media tools for Solopreneurs. These are the top ten social media tools for solo entrepreneurs.




An integral part of social media marketing for Solopreneurs is content creation. Content full of spelling errors and grammar mistakes cannot make a sale online. Grammarly limits spelling and grammar mistakes during content creation. It enables you to share saleable content on your social media platforms, blogs, or websites. You can opt for the free or premium versions of Grammarly, depending on your needs.




Social media for solopreneurs has become the heart of attracting leads and winning sales. Hootsuite enables solopreneurs to manage multiple social media accounts. The free Hootsuite version connects to a maximum of three accounts, while the paid plan connects to many accounts.


Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark is one of the most powerful social media tools for Solopreneurs that market on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. The tool enables you to supercharge the graphics of your video content, making it more likable and professional.


Buffer Chrome Extension


Solopreneurs want to streamline sharing content on their many social media accounts. The Buffer Chrome extension lets you schedule posts on all your social media profiles. It enables you re-share your content and view comments & likes.


Hopper HQ


HQ is a more cost-effective alternative to the costly social media scheduling apps. It allows solopreneurs to schedule and share posts on their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.




Canva is also among the best social media tools for creating eye-catching graphics. Canva has many unique templates that allow you to create on-brand content for your social media platforms.




This photo editing application adds exceptional flair and style to your social media photos. It makes them more enticing and lovable.


Google Trends


This application helps keep track of bestselling content. It lets you discover trending keywords and topics in your niche.




You don’t essentially have to shoot photos yourself for your social media marketing. Unsplash offers an extensive library of free images to spruce up your social media content creation.




Social media for solopreneurs works best when you add branding to the picture. Schedult will help you create and post high-quality and exciting posts. Schedult is run by hundreds of talented content creators ready to create and post content on your social media platforms. It gives you access to the created content and reports. Learn more about Schedult here.

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