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 Tips for Creating an Organic Social Media Strategy

Omar Hamada, Content Manager

14 September 2022

Organic social media reach has been having a difficult time recently. While it had a lot of promise as an advertising tactic in the early days of social media, companies now have difficulty making it function. With a slew of headlines proclaiming that organic social media reach is dying, you may reconsider your whole social media marketing plan.


Many companies are wondering the same thing: Does low organic reach imply it should not be a priority for your resources? This post demonstrates how organic reach may still be effective when supplemented with paid social media.


Determine the Social Networks You Will Use

You must pick your platforms before you can establish your organic reach strategy. This suggestion applies to your sponsored social media campaign as well. Examine where your intended audience invests their time to choose your brand’s ideal social network channel.


Still unsure of which one they favor? Send an email to your current customers to conduct a brief survey. Take this chance to thank them for their business and let them know you’d want to interact with them via their preferred social media channel. You may then inquire about their preferred social media networks.


Allow Clients to Locate You on Social Network Easily


Increase your presence on social media by making it easy for prospects and clients to find you. If you use several social network sites, use the same username on all your accounts to make it easier for clients to locate you.


You should also have links to your social network accounts on your site. This enables your website visitors to connect with your organic social media postings as well!


Using A Content Calendar to Plan Organic Media Postings

A content schedule is a straightforward yet critical tool for any organic social media campaign. Organizing organic social network posts a month ahead of time is a good idea.


Why? A content calendar provides a monthly snapshot of any organic social media material, assisting you in developing a unified strategy and identifying content gaps. Your content schedule may also help you balance your content throughout the month so that you don’t overshare one sort of material.

Preparing for holiday and seasonal pieces to stay current with your audience is another advantage of using a content calendar.


Evaluate and Monitor the Performance of Your Organic Social Networking Postings

Finally, don’t forget to assess the performance of your organic social networking postings. Know which indicators to monitor and strive for a stronger organic social media plan the next month!


You may learn which subjects resonate effectively with your audience by assessing the monthly performance of your organic social networking approach. You’ll also learn about your client’s issues, problems, and views concerning your brand.


These insights might assist you in planning your next organic media content calendar as well as learning more about your clients.


Within the framework of a full social media marketing plan, organic social is still an excellent way to increase brand knowledge and loyalty while also encouraging audience participation.

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