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Content Creation Tips for Ambitious Non-Profits

Omar Hamada, Content Manager

16 November 2022

Content creation can help non-profits expand their reach and raise awareness. Whether your interest lies in storytelling, design, photography, or video production, there are plenty of ways you can offer your skills by sharing your content creation for non-profits worldwide. Here is a list of content creation tips for ambitious non-profits.


1. Plan Ahead

It’s a good idea to schedule what kind of content you intend to create. This will narrow the tasks you are working on, ensuring that you only interact with the needs of your non-profit.


2. Know your Audience

With any content, your non-profit needs to ensure that it is relevant to the site’s audience. It is essential to test your content with a small audience before you go live with it.


3. Be consistent

Whether posting a blog post or creating an infographic, ensure that your content is updated regularly on non-profit social media.


4. Make it Visual

Non-profits are always looking for a way to expand their social media reach. Sharing social media content on Instagram or even creating an engaging video on Facebook is a great way to expand your outreach.


5. Keep it Fresh

Staying current with your non-profit’s audience requires constant research. This means you are always learning, experimenting, and developing new ways of creating engaging content. This means you should do non-profit marketing regularly to stay relevant.


6. Use Calls to Action

You need to design your post with a call to action that leads them to your non-profit’s cause.


7. Ask Questions

Consider asking the audience questions about their opinions and experiences throughout your content creation process. This can give your non-profit greater insight into what the audience likes and dislikes about its content.


8. Tell a Story

Stories are what make content engaging. Whether you’re writing a news article or a blog post, ensure that your content includes a good story. Telling the story will give it more weight and relevance to your non-profit’s audience.


9. Monitor your Activity

To stay relevant to your non-profit’s content, you must continue to monitor and stay current with the audience and their interests.


10. Post at the Right Time

There are several tools that you can use to help you determine the best time of day or night to post content. Post your content when your audience is most active.



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