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Smart Instagram Hashtag Strategies

Madison Crane, Director of Operation

17 January 2023

Hashtags continue to aid in Instagram advertising and discovery even as we near the year 2023. Almost everyone has heard of a hashtag, but several marketers still don’t use it because they think it is obsolete for promoting content on Instagram.


If you don’t utilize hashtags frequently in your material, you should always read this article since we’ll show you when they pay off and give tips on developing a good hashtag technique for 2023 and beyond.




A giveaway is the first and most obvious time to use a hashtag in a social media post. Creating a unique hashtag strategy for a contest or competition among your fans is highly recommended.


This will allow for a more thorough analysis of the findings, allow you to keep tabs on the participants without constantly refreshing the Tagged section, and allow you to tell genuine followers from those who have arbitrarily tagged you.


Furthermore, having a specific hashtag for a giveaway makes it possible for users to follow and interact with others who are also entering the contest.


Campaign or Product Launch


You desire as many individuals as possible to learn about your service, new product, marketing campaign, or cooperation with a brand or an influencer.


Create a unique hashtag for this strategy and use it in your social media posts alongside targeted ads, consistent content publishing, and Reels/stories activity.


If your market is interested in marketing, they will be able to find these postings more quickly. You’ll benefit much from it since you’ll be able to locate postings more rapidly and monitor their success independently of other content.


Sale and Promotion


A hashtag specific to the sale should be created when an event like Black Friday, Halloween, or Christmas is announced.


As a result, you’ll avoid having to field the same queries repeatedly in direct messages (DMs) from your audience as they search for the posts announcing the sales and discounts.


Including this hashtag in your bio as part of your Instagram hashtag strategies lets everyone who views your profile know you have a sale going on.


Social Media Activism


You probably know the importance of hashtag strategy in social media advocacy if you utilize your brand presence for more than simply selling items; you use it to communicate your viewpoint on issues and utilize it as an advocacy platform.


If you want to connect with others who share your beliefs, simply add hashtags to your stories and posts expressing your current viewpoint.


Content Navigator


Assist your followers in finding what they are looking for every time they visit your product’s Instagram page by organizing the content in a way that makes sense to them. This is especially important if your page contains helpful posts like advice, recommendations, customer stories, and tutorials.


You may tell people whose hashtags to use by labeling each of their content kinds with a unique hashtag and compiling a list of them in bookmarked Highlights or posts. Therefore, visitors will easily locate the content if they return to your website, searching for anything they have seen there.


UGC and Community Building


Create a custom brand for your Instagram hashtag strategies to mine for user-generated information and foster an online following for your business. Include it in your bio and push your fans to use it whenever they post about you. In doing so, you could grow your brand’s fan base and stockpile credible content for your marketing initiatives.

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