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How to Develop Your Buyer Persona

Madison Crane, Director of Operation

07 February 2023

Your consumer persona should be built on actual data and attainable objectives rather than merely on friends of friends. Here are some simple methods for determining the buyer personas in your market:


  1. Conduct in-depth audience research


Gather target audience information from your client database, social media analytics, and Google Analytics to focus on specifics like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Patterns of Spending
  • Interests or challenges


Business size and those who make purchase choices in B2B: Make sure you know which social media platforms your target audience uses.


Utilize resources like Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics to find out where they already spend time online. Additionally, you can research the demographics that rivals are focusing on.


  1. Identify the objectives and problems of the client.


Your target audience may have personal or professional aspirations, depending on the goods and services you offer. What motivates your clients? What is their primary objective?


What problems or annoyances are your potential customers trying to fix? What is keeping them from being successful? What challenges do they have in accomplishing their goals?


Your sales and customer care team are beautiful resources for responding to these questions, but social listening, sentiment analysis, and online reviews are also effective alternatives.


  1. Recognize how you can contribute.


Consider how you might assist now that you are aware of the objectives and challenges of your consumers. This entails looking past the characteristics and examining the real advantages of your good or service.


What your product is or does is a feature. An advantage is how your product or service improves or simplifies your customer’s life.


Consider your audience’s primary purchasing obstacles and where they are in the purchasing process. Then, consider: How can we assist? Write down the response in one concise sentence.


  1. Create a buyer persona.


Assemble all of your data, then start looking for patterns. You’ll have the basis for your unique customer personas when you combine those characteristics. It is a comprehensive, one-on-one profile of a potential customer.


Consider your potential customer as a person rather than just a set of statistics; this will help. Although they might not apply to every customer in your target audience, these traits help to depict an archetype tangibly.


When creating your customer personas, convey each persona’s current and desired future selves. It lets you start considering how your goods and services might help them accomplish their objectives.

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