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Please submit your email and link your social media accounts. If your page needs reconnecting, a notification will be sent to that email address. To connect a Facebook or Instagram page, you will have to login with your personal account. Once you see the text below the icon change to ‘Connected’, you know it was successful.

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2. Link Social Media Channels


Do you have access to my personal data?

No. We make use of a secure solution to get the rights we need, to be able to post to your channels. We never get access to your personal data.

It asks me to login with my personal Facebook account?

That’s correct. Since you’re an admin of the page, you will need to grant us access the necessary permissions to post to your page. 

I don't have a .png version with transparent background?

We can always work with other versions of your logo as well, but for the best quality, we recommend asking a friend or a designer to deliver a .png version with a transparent background. 

When connecting Instagram, it opens Facebook?

This is normal to give us access to your Instagram Business account. 

My Instagram account doesn't show up?

Please make sure your Instagram account is a business account and that it has been linked to the right Facebook page. (Find out how here

My Facebook account doesn't show up?

Please make sure you’re an admin of the Facebook page. 

I get an error when connecting accounts?

Please reach out to with a screenshot of the error, and we’ll be assisting you as soon as possible.


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