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Schedult creates and posts relevant content for your business at a flat monthly price. Quality content, perfect for small businesses and start-ups. Start your 7 day free trial now.

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How It Works

We dedicate time to research your business, industry and image to create the best content for you.

1. You answer a few onboarding questions about your business.

2. We dedicate time to research your brand and business, brainstorming about new content ideas.

3. We deliver trial content within 3 working days and content for the entire month for active customers.

4. We adapt content over time, based on feedback and results.

Product Features

We bring your unique features and product/service offerings to social media.

Industry Insights

We research reports and articles about your business to create interesting content.


Quotes by famous people in your industry, your customers, employees or yourself.

Industry News

We’re staying up to date with the space around you to post the news that’s relevant.


Did you know the largest candybar weighs 300kg? Easy, engaging content for socials.

Customer Reviews

Creating social proof by creating content from customer reviews and testimonials.

Industry Statistics

Much like ‘Industry Insights’, only focused on statistics, easier to read for your followers.


Bringing your blogposts to social media again is key to deliver value to visitors.


What People Are Saying

“I’m way too busy to be active on social media. I check the posts once a month, but other than that, I can focus on my business. Great service, especially at these prices.”

Thierry Bouffioux


“Since I’m a Schedult customer, I have more time to focus on sales and the customer experience. It’s taken a lot off my plate, and the quality is awesome. They got my branding spot on.”

Kasper Dam

Founding CEO, Kandio

“I took up the 7-day trial and I’m impressed! The content is solid, the delivery is great, they accept and incorporate feedback. And I’m already getting engagement on the content they’ve posted!

Cate Scolnik

Founder, Sane Social Media

Getting to know you

When starting your free trial, we ask you to answer 8 questions to get to know your business and what kind of posts you’re looking for. When you’ve filled in these answers, you can add your payment details (processed by Stripe) to get your 7 days free trial started.

Onboarding channels

We securely join your social media pages to post content on your channels. We make use of a designated solution for this, to make sure access to your channels will be kept safe at all times.

We start posting

After our quick onboarding process and taking some time to research your business and industry, we’ll start providing your social channels with daily quality content within 3 days. We’re always open for content suggestions during the process.

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Schedult takes care of your social media posts for a flat monthly price. Quality content, posted to all your social media channels.

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