Schedult Subscription Policy

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Trial subscription

All trials are active once you sign up through, you will gain access to a Schedult subscription to your selected product. You will receive a 7 day free trial depending on the product you have chosen. On signing up for our trial, you confirm to be billed at the end of your trial period.

Billing period

If you are on a monthly plan you will be charged monthly based on your original signup date. If you are on a yearly plan your plan is charged upfront in full and continues charges on a yearly cycle unless canceled.

Canceling the license

You can request for your subscription to be canceled at anytime through our Support agents on live chat on, our support agents will then guide you through our official cancelation process.

Schedult does not have email support, and requests through email (s) or our social media channels are not valid. After canceling, by default your subscription is active until your final scheduled content.

Cancelations take effect from your next billing cycle. Previous payments are not refundable.

Unexpected charges

Reach out to our support agent on live chat on for unexpected charges. Make sure a business partner, family or friends have not signed up on your behalf. Any active subscriptions are active until canceled and past payments cannot be refunded even if you were not actively using the service.

If you have any additional questions, please start a chat with us.

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