Many brands currently view social media as just another strategy, along with other traditional marketing methods. However, according to a study by Statistica, 95% of young adults now follow a brand through social media networking. That goes to show that social media is everywhere, and your business needs to get on board to keep up. 

In that regard, having an established online presence is no longer an option. Instead, it is a necessary step for brands to increase exposure and improve lead-to-close results. From bridging the gap between complementary, non-competing businesses and creating deeper connections with consumers, to build a more extensive reach via the world wide web, social media marketing is vital for the success of your business.

To that end, using visual content as an integral part of your marketing strategy can no longer sit at the backburner. If you want to keep up with the pace and stand out among the crowd, promoting exciting visual content like images, graphics, GIFS, or videos are one way to drive more traffic to your business. 

Images grab user attention faster and are more effective than text, and not to mention, and it is easy to share, like, and engage with more than text updates about your brand. With that in mind, here are different ways visuals can make a positive impact on the success of your content marketing and social media campaigns.

It Increases Brand Recognition and Engagement

Individuals of every age group, income range, and education level are frequent users of social media. People use the Internet to search for information and seek wisdom from trusted search engines like Google, but nowadays they can get the same marketing influence from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram for their buying decisions. 

To that end, visual content enables your brand to gather more views in a way that is engaging and eye-catching. Videos are viewed for 100 million hours daily on Facebook, which proves that people are actively seeking visual stimulation when looking at brands. Colorful imagery also increases people’s willingness to click and read content by up to 80%, which is why it’s crucial to make your social media marketing highly visual.

Seeing as videos, images, and other graphics have higher chances of amassing likes and shares, it is a fool-proof way of building your brand’s online presence. On another note, establishing an active profile is bound to be recognized in any part of the world, which is a building block for your business to attract window-shoppers before you convert them into repeat customers.

It Boosts Your SEO

Now that you’ve started with any social media platform that suits your business, your pages are inspected by search engine crawlers which determine if your site is earning enough traffic, or if it is merely floating in the digital space. 

Your prospects use Google as their go-to source of information and optimizing your use of social media through the use of videos, images, and graphics is one way to snag a spot in the hot seat of Google’s first page. This will ultimately lead to more exposure, which means more links from other sites and more of a boost in your rankings.

Videos and Images Enhance Your Content and Message

Visual content is a powerful way to enhance your brand’s marketing campaigns and socials. It helps make content more compelling, as well as make it easier for the audience to understand the message behind it. Surveys find that 90% of consumers say that watching a product video helps them in making a purchase decision, while 64% of viewers are more interested in responding to call-to-actions. 

It Builds a Relationship with the Audience

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are simply avenues of social networking for most consumers. It’s a far cry from being a marketing machine in their eyes, which many brands have a hard time grasping. When your social media presence is mostly comprised of discount codes and product announcements along with a handful of good customer reviews, it will fall flat in the eyes of your prospective consumer. 

However, if you use your platform to connect to the customers, such as providing relevant content and make it exciting by supporting it with interesting elements like images, videos, and infographics, you can gain a good reputation and even build bridges with industry leaders and influencers along the way.

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