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7 Instagram Tips to Boost Engagement 🚀

Omar Hamada, Content Manager
26 February 2022
Instagram engagement can be a make or break for businesses. It includes things like followers, likes, and comments. The high number of followers only cannot lead to an increased engagement rate. You can apply the following seven ideas if you’re looking to boost your engagement on Instagram.


#1 Have Valuable Content

The main reason people use Instagram is to see exciting and valuable content. Followers will stick around if you can regularly provide this type of content. Think about your target audience when creating helpful content. Consider what they would want to see. Use attractive infographics, charts, and graphs to break up your text content and make it more visually appealing. Also, ensure that your posts are timely and relevant.


#2 Include Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. Videos are now 60 times more likely to be shared than photos. Videos can help you connect with your followers more profoundly. They also tend to generate more engagement than photos. Keep your videos short and sweet so that they’re easy to watch.


#3 Use Stickers

Stickers are a great way to add some fun to your posts and help you increase engagement. There are a variety of stickers available on Instagram, so be sure to use them. Try using the Location sticker to show where your business is located. This can help generate interest from potential customers in your area.


#4 Active Interaction with Users

Social media marketing requires engaging your followers by responding to their comments. Show that you’re interested in what they have to say. This will help create a deeper connection with them. Additionally, like and comment on other users’ posts. It shows that you’re active on the platform and build relationships with other users.


#5 Use Visuals to Aesthetically Appealing Content

Visuals are a powerful tool on Instagram. They can help you catch people’s attention and generate more engagement. Use high-quality visuals in your posts to make them more appealing. You can also use creative typography to add some visual interest.


#6 Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a great social media marketing idea to increase engagement on Instagram. It helps you build relationships with your followers and showcases your fans’ love for your brand. Share photos and videos from your followers using the hashtags. You can also repost user-generated content on your account.


#7 Use Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a fun way to get your followers involved with your brand. Use a contest or giveaway as a way to promote a new product or service. Clearly state the rules and regulations of the contest. Followers are more likely to enter a contest if they know the rules. Be sure to announce the winner of the contest on time.

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