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The 6 Main Reasons Small Businesses Don’t Use Social Media

Madison Crane, Director of Operation

24 May 2022

Many small businesses don’t embrace social media marketing’s importance. They believe it’s not an effective marketing strategy to reach a new audience. If you’re among those who believe social media cannot market small businesses effectively, you need to rethink your thoughts. There’s more to using social media than you know.


Reasons Why Many Small Businesses Overlook the Need to Use Social Media Marketing


There’s always a debate on whether social media for small businesses is an excellent option to incorporate into a marketing plan. Many small business owners have specific reasons why using social media marketing is a waste of time. But there are common reasons why millions of people are not embracing social media marketing importance.


  1. Most of My Prospects and Customers Don’t Use Social Media


According to studies, more than 90% of people conduct an online search on a specific product they want before purchasing. If you’re not marketing your brand on social media, you miss a great opportunity to meet a new audience looking for services or products similar to those you’re offering in your brick-and-mortal store.


  1. Social Media is for the Young People


Some business owners fail to use social media platforms because they believe only young people spend time on those networks. Social media usage is constantly on the rise among the senior population. That’s because it presents an easier way to buy anything while in the comfort of any place.


The majority of the senior population now has social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc., since it helps them access most of the things they want while at the convenience of their home. They also prefer buying from social media or other online sources to avoid the long queues in physical stores.


  1. There’s Too Much Work Involved in Social Media Marketing


It can be challenging and overwhelming if you consider doing everything involved in social media marketing by yourself. But that should not be why you’re not using social media to market your small business. Several awesome online tools, such as Schedult, can handle most of your social media marketing activities, including creating and posting beautiful content that adds value and engages your audience.


  1. It Opens Doors to Criticism


Many small business owners overlook the need to improve their social media presence since they believe some of their competitors and unsatisfied customers will use the platforms to tarnish their reputation online. But the beauty about social media is that it offers an open forum that you can use to address any issue openly.


  1. Using Social Media is not an Easy Task


Some business owners don’t understand how social media platforms work. If you’re among them, you can hire someone to teach you how to use the platforms for marketing your brand, attract more prospects, generate leads, and increase sales. You can also check our resources, we’ve talked about this in a previous blog post.


  1. You Cannot Get Meaningful Results from Using Social Media Marketing


Many business owners fail to make the most of social media since they believe it can only help increase soft marketing objectives like customer engagement. But that’s not the case. Social media has been proven to have the capacity to drive real tangible outcomes.


Social Media for Small Business—Why It’s Important


Any marketing strategy aims to generate enough qualified leads, and social media will help you achieve exactly that. It’s an excellent marketing strategy to engage with customers, promote your brand, and win more prospects to convert.

Batch Like a Boss: Content Batching for Busy Businesses

Batch Like a Boss: Content Batching for Busy Businesses

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